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10 Fun and Educational VR Apps For Android

Each of these VR apps for Android will help anyone with various learning processes or concepts. Check out these programs to see what makes them outstanding and valuable for many desires students may have when learning new things.

HistoryView VR Is Expanding Its VR Field Trip Program

Students from around the country are exploring many unique places from all corners of the world through the VR Field...

Virtual Reality Apps for STEM

Virtual Reality (VR) is incredibly versatile. In education, it has the power to take learning outside of the classroom, or even into areas of our world that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is possible to undertake field trips without going anywhere. Perhaps a class would like the opportunity to explore the structure […]

How Microsoft Hololens is being used in Education

How Microsoft Hololens is being used in Education (Augmented Reality) Microsoft has begun promoting the concept of mixed reality. This includes the projection of images onto our world through their Hololens. By looking through the lens of augmented reality students will be able to view digitally created objects in 3D and then effectively interact with […]

10 Ideas Google Cardboard VR In The Classroom

Thinking of how to get your students scheduled for a school trip to the Smithsonian to see some old airplanes or some of the sculptures of Sacajawea, why not go ahead and just show them what it feels like to fly in an old airplane or show them the old forests and rapids Sacajawea and […]

Tips for Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Augmented reality is really just a fancy way of saying tech that adds 3D figures into the real image you see, to give you some sort of composite view of the world. Remember the old Looney Tunes movies where Bugs Bunny is still a cartoon but he’s strolling around munching carrots and talking with real […]